Catarratto wine

 Catarratto wine, a Native Sicilian Variety

Catarratto is one of the oldest white grape varieties in Sicily and it represents a native vine variety. Catarratto is a very expressive vine, with an intense aroma which is often described as a semi-aromatic vine. Tasting Catarratto white wine brings to mind tropical fruits, honey, almonds and candied fruits, flowers and a light spicy note. 

Catarratto wine

Even if the Catarratto white wine variety is spread throughout Sicily, it’s mainly cultivated in the Trapani area and has been for centuries. It has also been the protagonist of many great wines, such as Marsala.

Temperature Serving Suggestion

If you want to taste Catarratto white wine at its best, the ideal serving temperature is around 10 degrees. Even if Catarratto white wine has a long maceration, it can be served at 12 to 14 degrees to enhance its intense aroma.

Catarratto White Wine Food Pairing Suggestion

Pair with fish, shellfish, grilled vegetables, and delicate foods in order to best appreciate all the nuances of Catarratto white wine. Some traditional sicilian dishes are specifically paired with this type of wine.

catarratto wine

For instance, when paired with the local sicilian specialty of swordfish rolls, your  Catarratto wine tasting will become an unforgettable experience.