Syrah Wine

Syrah Wine: what kind of wine is it, its origin and characteristics

Its name brings to our mind distant lands, such as the Middle East, desert, the shiny golden sand and the hot wind that blows in your hair.

Syrah wine’s name makes you dream, for sure! But we cannot say where Syrah Wine comes from.

Syrah wine has undefined roots. Someone believes it comes from Shiraz, a town located in Persia. Others argue that it derives from Syracousai, the ancient name of the sicilian town Siracusa.

Syrah wine

The story behind the Syrah wine is really fascinating. According to the legend, in the III century, the Roman emperor Marco Aurelio Probo wanted to import local vine varieties from Egypt until Gaul, but instead, these vine varieties were planted along the way. To be exact, it was planted in the Sicilian town, Siracusa

The origin connected to the Syrah vine variety dates back to the Middle Ages and throughout the years it was used for blending with many red wines of France, Italy, Greece and Spain

It’s incredible that this type of vine variety has such ancient roots and managed to endure until today! Sounds magical, doesn’t it?

Syrah Red Wine Variety

Syrah wine's color is ruby red with violet nuances, almost impenetrable to light. Its intense and fruity aroma brings to mind small black fruits and spices like black pepper. Syrah wine has a good structure and persistence. It is soft and fresh with an average tannicity.

Syrah wine

There are two different types of Syrah red wine depending on how long they are allowed to age.

An aged Syrah’s color is ruby red with pale purple nuances, whereas a young Syrah is ruby red as well but its color is a more intense dark red.

Depending on how aged the Syrah wine is, some characteristics will change, especially with regard to organoleptics ones.

Aged Syrah wine is fruity with scents of black pepper, chocolate and tobacco. It has a good persistence. On the contrary, a young Syrah wine has scents of red fruit, tobacco and spicy flavors. It’s warm and tannic.

How to pair Syrah Red Wine with Food

Both of these types of Syrah red wineaged and young Syrah, pair well with grilled meats, venison, vegetables and aged cheese.

We want to share with you some exclusive secrets to perfectly pair Syrah red wine with food.  If you're looking for recipes for special occasions to pair with Syrah red wine, you’ve come to the right place!