Zibibbo Wine

Zibibbo Wine, an ancient wine grape

At first glance, the name of this italian wine variety sounds a little bit odd. Doesn’t it?

But as soon as you discover the reason behind it, this name becomes so fascinating.

The word "zibibbo" comes from the Arabic word zabīb which means "raisin". That’s the reason why Zibibbo wine variety is also known as Muscat of Alexandria. 

Zibibbo wine

This grape variety comes from Egypt and it was introduced by the Arabs to the Pantelleria island, one of the biggest sicilian islands, and it spreads throughout Sicily over the years.

Zibibbo, You can drink it or eat it!

Zibibbo grape variety is used not only to produce wine but also as a table grape. Thanks to its sweet flavor you will come to appreciate this white grape as a healthy dessert or healthy snack, like Italians and especially Sicilians do.

And that’s not all. You can eat Zibibbo grapes as freshly picked from the vine or dried into raisins. Raisin belongs to the sicilian food tradition and you will find it not only in sweet dishes but also in savory ones.

Zibibbo wine

For a moment, let's pretend to be sitting in a restaurant in Sicily.

We recommend you order the swordfish rolls with raisins, an incredibly savoury dish. But be forewarned: you will unexpectedly fall in love with this dish and crave it for years to come! 

How to pair Zibibbo wine with food

You will absolutely love Zibibbo white wine with fish like Shellfish, sea urchins and fish dishes in general, also raw. Zibibbo wine tastes exceptionally when paired with cheese as well.