Nero d'Avola Red Wine

Nero d'Avola Red Wine: the king of Sicily. One of the most famous italian red wine types

As one of the most famous italian wines, Nero d’Avola red wine is also known as the king of Sicily  which expresses the Mediterranean heart of it hails from.

Today it is one of the most famous italian red wine types and cultivated red grapes, contributing to the success of Sicilian wines all over the world.

Nero d'avola red wine

Thanks to its high quality, Nero d’Avola red wine is often used to create grape blends such as Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

In order to understand what Nero d'Avola red wine is, we must begin by describing the meaning behind its name. 

The Nero d’Avola vine variety is named after Avola, a town located in the province of Siracura, Sicily. 

Depending on the method and the area of cultivation, the Nero d’Avola red wine changes its taste along with its characteristics. In fact, if you taste Nero d’Avola wine in western Sicily it results as a full bodied wine, whereas in eastern Sicily it has hints of fruit and conveys a lighter taste than the Nero d’Avola wine cultivated in western Sicily.

The reason behind Nero d'Avola red wine taste differences

You maybe wondering about what contributes to these big differences in taste.

It’s all about the climate! 

Western and eastern Sicily have different climates and altitudes. 

The climate can vary so greatly that it affects the taste of the Nero d’Avola red wine.

As a matter of fact, it can be challenging to describe the organoleptical characteristics of the Nero d’Avola wine.

Our Nero d’Avola red wine taste

We are located in Santa Ninfa, Western Sicily, and our climate and altitude contribute to a Nero d’Avola red wine that has a full bodied flavor. Its aroma has predominant scents of red fruits such as plums and cherries along with notes of licorice, pine and eucalyptus.

nero d'avola red wine

Our Nero d’Avola wine has an excellent warm structure, enveloping with elegant tannins.

Nero d’Avola red wine food pairing

Tasting a wine is a sensory experience and what better way to taste a glass of Nero d’Avola red wine than with the right dish?

Here are our suggestions for the top 3 best foods to pair with Nero d’Avola red wine.

  1. Traditional sicilian dishes like Anelletti al forno or Eggplant Parmesan
  2. Flavourful braised meat
  3. Grilled red meat. The combination of our Nero d’Avola red wine and juicy grilled steak will make your taste buds explode with flavour!
Nero d'Avola red wine

Nero d’avola wine tastes like a daydream

While tasting Nero d’Avola red wine you can imagine the hot sicilian sun, the sound of the waves hitting the cliff, the warm sand between your toes.

nero d'avola red wine

Close your eyes and imagine a sunny, relaxing day and the warm character of the Nero d’Avola red wine is sure to warm your heart too. Try it to believe it!