Merlot wine

Merlot wine owes its name to how appealing its sweet grapes are!

They are thoroughly enjoyed not only by humans, but especially by blackbirds called ‘Merl’ in French, after which the Merlot wine was named.

This vine variety was born in France but soon thereafter spread all over the world, arriving in Italy in the XIX century. Depending on the region it is cultivated in, it can change its characteristics.

merlot wine

In fact, Merlot vine grapes cultivated in Sicily result in a more spiced, full-bodied and tannic wine than the Merlot vine grapes cultivated in northern Italy and northern Europe.

Organoleptic characteristics

The Merlot vine grape variety gives birth to full-bodied, smooth wines, with a ruby red color. Aging this type of wine tends to change its color into a garnet-color

Its bouquet is dominated by currant, cherries and blueberries. You can taste herbs such as mint infused with a balsamic note. 

Merlot wine food pairing

As one of the boldest red wines,  it pairs perfectly with red and savory meats, first dishes such as Lasagne alla bolognese, sicilian Anelletti al forno and Mushroom risotto, particularly truffle risotto.

merlot wine