Inzolia, a local Sicilian wine

The Inzolia vine has a presence of double relevance in the Italian wine context, with a focus on Tuscany and on Sicily, where since the time of the Romans is mentioned with the name Inzolia.

inzolia white wine

Inzolia wines are moderately aromatic and tend to have fruity and citrus characteristics with herbaceous notes.

Today, Inzolia is found throughout Sicily, particularly in Palermo and Agrigento. It is allowed to cut grapes in many DOC denominations of the island.

Inzolia is a native and ancient Sicilian variety, arrived here between the VIII and the VII century b.C. thanks to a Greek migratory wave.

The Greeks brought in Sicily their lifestyle and their products, including wine, of course, a fundamental component of their culture.

Characteristics, aromas, tasting notes

Inzolia is a wine with low acidity but high sugar content. Its color is straw yellow with greenish nuances. Inzolia wine has a very delicate aroma with hints of iris, yellow and white peach, apricot, pear and citrus.

The palate is well weighted, soft, enveloping, fruity, fresh, fragrant and with particular notes of vanilla.

How to pair Inzolia Wine with Food

Inzolia is the ideal wine for an aperitif, especially with fish dishes. 

It tastes very good with various types of shellfish and seafood.

Serving temperature

The serving temperature of Inzolia wine can vary between 10 and 12 degrees. It is recommended to serve it in glasses for sparkling wine or complex white wine.