Papa Vince White Wine Pairing

Everyone knows, by now, that white wine and fish are an invincible pairing.

But are you sure you know which wine to choose? At what temperature to serve it? Which food to pair it with? 

Maybe you know it, but let us say that Papa Vince white wine is totally different from the ones you have tried so far. It is the result of a blend of carefully selected grapes to produce a wine with a unique and inimitable flavor.

The Papa Vince White Wine is a mix of Catarratto, Viognier and Muller Turgau grapes, naturally  grown in our land in Santa Ninfa, Sicily, and harvested by hand in the cool hours of the day to ensure a healthy and super tasty wine at the same time, adding the minimum quantity of sulfites.

This special blend of grapes gives Papa Vince White wine a unique, fresh and fruity flavor. 

Serve it at a temperature of 9-10°C/ 48-50°F to enhance all its qualities. It is a fresh and ready to drink wine and its nuances are even more enhanced if accompanied with fish dishes, especially sushi, sashimi and shellfish cooked or raw.

 white wine pairing

This pairing will make you dream of the sicilian sea, the sound of the waves and its scent. It is not simply about drinking wine, it is an experience that involves all the senses, from the palate to the smell, from taste to hearing, when you feel the waves of the sea gently caressing the shore.

Papa Vince wine is this and much more, you just have to try it!