I love Italy red and white wine
catarratto White Wine
Inzolia White Wine
Grecanico White Wine
Nero d'avola Red Wine

I Love Italy Box

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I Love Italy Pack contains 6 bottles of Italian and Local Sicilian wines. All these wines are locally sourced with grapes cultivated in the Santa Ninfa Area.
*Every bottle contains 0,75 cl

In this pack you'll find:

  • 1 bottle: Nero d'Avola ( Local Sicilian Red Wine)
  • 1 bottle: Grecanico ( White Wine)
  • 1 bottle: Grillo ( Local Sicilian White Wine)
  • 1 bottle: Zibibblo ( Local Sicilian White Wine)
  • 1 bottle: Inzolia ( White Wine)
  • 1 bottle: Catarratto ( Local Sicilian White Wine)

Drinking these outstanding wines you will taste the real italian flavor!

best italian red and white wine