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red wine papa vince
papa vince wine

Red Wine PapaVince Terre Siciliane IGT 2019

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 You will receive at your home a bottle of fine red wine, with cork covered in precious shellac. 

The bottles are wrapped by our expert collaborators with high quality tissue paper and then stored in a special packaging for wine, certified internationally, that will protect your package from any impact.

Papa Vince's red wine is masterfully crafted through a  careful selection of locally sourced red grapes:

best italian red winePerricone, Syrah, Nero d'Avola( a local sicilian variety). 

Papa Vince's red wine's grapes are picked only by hand, in the cool hours of the day, to avoid the fermentation process.

best italian red wineClassification: IGT Terre Siciliane

  Alcohol volume14, 5%

Serving Temperature:16-18 °C /61-64°F

Production AreaSanta Ninfa ( altitude 500 meters above sea level)

Color : Ruby-red

Organoleptic characteristics: Papa Vince's Red Wine faithfully expresses its typical characteristics: ruby red body with purple nuances, bouquet nourished by notes of berries such as black currant and blackberry, accompanied by a spicy base and balanced tannins.

best italian red wineAged 12 months in durmast barrels
Pairings: Best paired with grilled meats, flavorful braised meats, vegetables and spiced cheeses

Bottle content: 0,75cl

Packaging: The bottles of Papa Vince wine are sealed with shellac after leaving the perfect amount of time to allow micro infiltrations of air to bring the wine to perfect maturity. Shellac sealing wax substance not only adds character and value to your bottle of wine, it's also the ideal solution for all your special occasions!

Papa Vince Wines are locally sourced, produced only with Authentic Sicilian Grapes with a legendary character.

We deeply believe that our products are good for your health and that's the reason why we want to share them with you and all the world.

How to best taste Papa Vince Wine:

Close your eyes, imagine the hot sicilian sun, the sound of waves hitting the cliff, the warm sand between your toes. 

Papa Vince Wine is not a simple wine, it's a Sicilian dream come true!

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